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Mero ($MERO) is safe and secure, and the contract code has been verified. Running on the decentralized (BSC) Binance Smart blockchain, you can transfer Mero with confidence. The transfer fee is low and transfer confirmations happen in less than a minute. Track transactions in real-time for Mero on BscScan.


The Mero Vision

Mero is open source, community owned and driven. We are helping spearhead change in the crypto world, by encouraging mass adoption of cryptocurrency payments with open source development on the Binance Smart Chain. Mass adoption begins with just one person sharing crypto payments with others, be that person!

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Getting Started

1. Create an account

The first step is to create an account on Binance exchange. From there you have the option to "buy Crypto" and choose "Binance Coin (BNB)" which is the currency that Mero is powered by and you can purchase Mero with BNB.

Binance Exchange

2. Trust Wallet

The next step is to download the Trust Wallet which will allow you to securely buy Mero with Pancake Swap. With the Trust wallet also you can send and recieve Mero easily. Once you have installed the wallet, send BNB to your Trust wallet from Binance.

Trust Wallet - IOS

Trust Wallet - Android

3. Swap for Mero

Next, you can simply go to Pancake Swap and swap using the BNB you purchased. You "connect" with pancakeswap with trust wallet. Remember to keep some left over BNB as this is required for gas (transaction payments) to buy and send Mero.

Pancake Swap

4. Store And Use Mero

Now that you have Mero you can either store it in Trust wallet or in our own propertiary Mero wallets. Our wallets are secure and no servers running them, its your responsibility and your digital money in the palm of your hand!

Mero Chrome Extension

Mero Desktop Mac

Mero Desktop Windows

Merchant? Accept Mero.

Start Immediately And Simply

Are you looking to expand your business reach into the crypto space? Are you ready to start embracing slowly the move to digital money 2.0? Putting up an Mero QR code poster in your business is a great first step.

Quick and Secure Transactions when recieving Mero.
Easy Implementation and a cost-free solution!
Accept Crypto Payments Fast with a few minute setup time!

Online Merchant QR Generator - English

Online Merchant QR Generator - French

Mero Is Open Source!

Mero is Open Source and Transparent. We are a group of developers from several different countries volunteering our time to see this project grow. We have an ambitious goal to see many cutting edge applications developed mainly under the Binance Chain (BSC). From open source wallets to safely store your MERO to a innovative merchant payment tool called: MERO PAY, we are pushing the edge of technology into real life application. MERO is meant to be used by the masses, we are seeking to encourage developers who have a passion to see this happen also.

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