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Mero ($MERO) is safe and secure, and the contract code has been verified. Running on secure and decentralized Binance blockchain, you can transfer Mero with confidence. The transfer fee is low and transfer confirmations happen in less than a minute. Track transactions in real-time for Mero on BscScan.

The Mero Vision

Mero is open source, community owned and driven. We are helping spearhead change in the crypto world, by encouraging mass adoption of cryptocurrency payments by open source development of revolutionary use cases. Mass adoption begins with just one person sharing crypto payments with others, be that person!

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Getting Started

1. Create an account

The first step is to create an account on Binance exchange. From there you have the option to "buy Crypto" and choose "Binance Coin (BNB)" which is the currency that Mero is powered by and you can purchase Mero with BNB.

Binance Exchange

2. Download Wallet

The next step is to download the Trust Wallet which will allow you to securely store your Mero after you bought it. With the Trust wallet also you can send and recieve Mero easily. Once you have installed the wallet, send BNB to your Trust wallet from Binance.

Trust Wallet - IOS

Trust Wallet - Android

3. Swap for Mero

Lastly, you can simply go to Pancake Swap and swap using the BNB you purchased. You "connect" with pancakeswap with trust wallet. Remember to keep some left over BNB as this is required for gas (transaction payments) to buy and send Mero.

Pancake Swap

Mero is Cross-chain

Mero is a currency that is listed on many blockchains. We believe in adopting as many crypto users to our ecosystem and will offer different products and use-cases for different chains. Binance Coin blockchain is our main chain that Mero will exist and be traded on in centralized exchanges and for ecommerce integrations.

Chain Name / Ticker Contract Swap Total Supply Status
Binance Coin Mero / $MERO Contract Code Swap 1,000,000,000 Live
Ethereum Mero / $MERO Contract Code Swap 1,000,000,000 In Progress
Tron Mero / $MERO Contract Code Swap 1,000,000,000 On hold
Waves Mero / $MERO Contract Code Swap 1,000,000,000 On hold
Bitcoin Cash Mero / $MERO Contract Code Swap 1,000,000,000 On hold
Stellar Mero / $MERO Contract Code Swap 1,000,000,000 On hold
Cardano Mero / $MERO Contract Code Swap 1,000,000,000 On hold

Mero Team + Tokenomics

Mero is a community currency so for that reason we have tried to simplify our tokenomics structure as much as possible. An emphasis has been put in our currency on community engagement and use of Mero in real-life.

Legend for Pie Chart:
(A) - IFO (Initial Farm Offering) $250M $MERO / 25%
(B) - Treasury (Development) 175M $MERO / 17.5%
(C) - Team Funds 50M $MERO / 5%
(D) - Community Airdrops 325M $MERO / 32.5%
(E) - Initial Liquidity 200M $MERO / 20%

Our Community Airdrops will be released over time to help bring more adoption to $MERO but at the same time not to cause a decrease of value for Mero. Thus giveaways, bounties and airdrops will be released in stages and in smaller amounts.

Mero is primarily a volunteer developer effort, we have interest from many developers to help see open source development happen on the BSC (Binance Smart Chain). We are helping spearhead change in the crypto world, by encouraging mass adoption of cryptocurrency payments. Get in touch with us:

/ Ikenwoke Darlington - Developer: LinkedIN
/ Nishanth Spade - Developer: LinkedIN
/ Jan Emil Christiansen - Marketing: LinkedIN

Merchant? Accept Mero In Your Store

Start Immediately And Simply

Are you looking to expand your business reach into the crypto space? Are you ready to start embracing slowly the move to digital money 2.0? Putting up an Mero QR code poster in your business is a great viral first step.

Quick and Secure Transactions when recieving Mero.
Easy Implementation and a cost-free solution!
Accept Crypto Payments Fast with a few minute setup time!

Read About Our UPCOMING Use-Case In the LitePaper v1.1

Mero Is Open Source!

Mero is Open Source and Transparent. We are a group of developers from several different countries volunteering our time to see this project grow. We have an ambitious goal to see many cutting edge applications developed mainly under the Binance Chain (BSC). From open source wallets to safely store your MERO to a innovative merchant payment tool called: MERO PAY, we are pushing the edge of technology into real life application. MERO is meant to be used by the masses, we are seeking to encourage developers who have a passion to see this happen also.

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